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¤ This is the test area for ver 0.93 which will be released soon. For the latest stable release click on the download link above. ¤
Col 1                   Col 2                   Col 3                   Col 4

«¤» Get table data as array

«¤» About

¤ I'm still working on it but highly recomend using this for all developers.¤

¤ Any bugs and feature requests please email me yinti at¤

¤ Supports Check boxes and Password fields with little trick.
¤ Returns the table data as an array so it can be POSTed
¤ Use Up/Down arrows to move between selected rows.
¤ Double click on the col seperator to resize the col to appropriate length.
¤ Still works with IE and Netscape.

¤ Download 93 here ¤