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The DHTML Grid is an attempt to implement MS Grid control using DHTML.

Current Features include :

¤ Supports IE and NN : From Ver 0.92, all IE5+ and NN6+ browsers are supported.
¤ Resizable Coloumns : Move the cursor over the lines seperating the cols. The mouse will change indicating the area which can be used to drag the coloumn.
¤ Sortable Rows : Click on the head row to sort the data.
¤ Editable Cells : Click on any cell to edit the contents.
¤ Add Rows : Add new rows to the end at any time.
¤ Delete Rows : Delete any row from the grid by using the delete key.
¤ No restrictions : The DHTML Grid implements all the basic features of an MS Grid control, without any restrictions on when the table is created or its size.
¤ Easily Customizable : Customize the appearence of the grid using CSS and configuration options in the script.
For comments and suggestions please mail yinti at
Test the unreleased ver 0.93 here

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